CHIP Strategy Bank

CHIP Strategy Bank


The Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) Strategy Bank is a repository of evidence-based, model, or otherwise vetted strategies submitted by MAPP communities and searchable by topic area for inclusion in a CHIP. It is our hope that you will explore this repository to gain insights into how other communities have addressed their most pressing public health issues. 
The CHIP Strategy Bank is presented along the MAPP Health Equity Action Spectrum, which is a visual diagram describing root causes as the most upstream strategies, social determinants of health as mid-stream, and individual inequities in behaviors, outcomes, and mortality as downstream strategies. Each strategy in the bank is searchable by type of action on the spectrum and topic area. The strategies are organized along the following spectrum descriptions:   

  • Root Cause-Structural Level: Referring to any actions that seek to address the underlying social, political and economic systems that lead to hierarchies of privilege and oppression, imbalances in power and resultant social injustices (e.g., racism, class oppression, gender inequity, homophobia, xenophobia, etc.). This may include strategies and actions to shift our social ideologies, norms, beliefs, values and culture. 
  • Root Cause-Institutional Level: Referring to any actions that seek to shift power from institutions to communities / community members. This may include strategies and actions to shift an organization or institution's culture, practices, policies and processes. 
  • Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) Level: Referring to any actions that seek to improve infrastructure and access to resources for a community (esp. if impoverished or under-resourced) in the following areas: social environment, physical environment, service environment, or economic environment.  
  • Individual Level: Referring to any actions that address an individual's access to -- and quality of -- care to alleviate or prevent health outcomes or their risk. These are actions that should result in improved care, information and resources, particularly among historically marginalized or disenfranchised populations (e.g. Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), the impoverished, LGBTQIA+, immigrant populations, people who are unhoused, people who use drugs, etc.). 

How to Use: 

To filter the Strategy Bank across the MAPP Health Equity Action Spectrum, select the folder icon 📁 on the top left of the list. Beside the folder it may say “No folder selected: Showing all entries” until a folder is selected.  Once selected, the folder icon will open 📂 and a drop down list will appear below it. 

To further filter stacked folders, such as Root Causes, click the “+” signs where applicable. 

If you would like to submit strategies from your Community Health Improvement Plan to the Strategy Bank, please fill out this form.