CHIP Strategy Bank

CHIP Strategy Bank


The Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) Strategy bank is currently in development. This will be a repository of evidenced-based, model, or otherwise vetted strategies submitted by MAPP communities and searchable by topic area for inclusion in a CHIP. It is our hope that you will be able to explore this repository to gain insights around how other communities have addressed their most pressing public health issues.

The revised MAPP framework will support the field in taking a stepwise approach to addressing the root causes of health inequities that meets communities where they are. NACCHO has created a Health Equity Spectrum of Action presenting root causes as the most upstream strategies, social determinants of health as mid-stream, and inequities in risk, outcomes, and mortality as downstream strategies. Each strategy is searchable by type of action on the spectrum and topic area.

A spectrum of actions reflective of all community partners’ and the range of factors they collectively influence is critical to CHI work. We encourage you to investigate an array of strategies across the spectrum for consideration and prioritization with your community. Resolving the underlying and systemic causes of inequities while also working to effectively meet immediate needs of those experiencing inequities requires applying strategies that include both downstream and upstream action.

If you have strategies that you would like from your Community Health Improvement Plan, please contact