CHIP Member Exchange

CHIP Repository

The Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) Member Exchange is a place where MAPP communities can upload their CHIPs to share with other members. It is the intent of this site that members will be able to access CHIPs that other members have posted to learn from other communities how they have engaged community members, put together advisory committees, worked with partners, incorporated health equity, completed assessments, prioritized strategic issues, chosen strategies, and set the stage for action in their community.

This repository of CHIPs is meant to be peer led and the CHIPs included in this section have been uploaded directly by MAPP Network members and are not reviewed and vetted by NACCHO prior to posting.

It is our hope that you can learn from other communities here while recognizing that there is a vast number of approaches to creating a CHIP and that what you find here represents CHIPS from diverse communities with differing community contexts and varied levels of experience in the CHA/CHIP process.