Resources for Parents and Pregnant Individuals


Resources for Parents

Conversation Guide: Pediatric Vaccinations  (Conversation guide and answers to FAQs about children and COVID-19 vaccines) (Website)

COVID-19 vaccine checklist for kids ages 6 months and older (English) (Spanish) (website)

Does the COVID-19 Vaccine Cause Myocarditis? (English) (Spanish) (Website)

The Science behind COVID-19 Vaccines: Parent FAQs (English) (Spanish) (Includes answers to FAQs and video) (Website)

COVID Vaccine for Kids 6 Months & Older: FAQs for Families (English) (Spanish) (Website)

Ask the Pediatrician: COVID-19 Roundup (English) (Spanish) (Includes links to specific COVID vaccine and safety questions answered by pediatricians) (Website)

What are Parents Asking About COVID-19 Vaccine for Children Younger Than 5 Years Old? (Video)


Resources for Pregnant Individuals

COVID-19 vaccines in pregnancy: conversation guide (Includes key recommendations and messaging for clinicians: risk, safety, efficacy, considerations) (PDF)

Partner Communication Toolkit for Pregnant Populations (Provides communication materials: social media content and answers to FAQ in different languages) (Toolkit)

Talking Points and FAQs (English) (Spanish) (Tackling Fears Around COVID-19 Vaccines and Fertility) (PDF)

COVID-19, Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Breastfeeding: Answers from Ob-Gyns (Answers to FAQs including the impact of COVID-19 illness during pregnancy and labor, benefits of COVID-19 vaccines during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and how to stay healthy) (Website)

Why Should I Get the COVID-19 Vaccine While I’m Pregnant (English) (Spanish) (Includes risk of COVID infection in pregnancy, benefits of vaccination, vaccine safety and expected side effects) (Infographic)