Bring a PHFriend Promotion

"That’s What PHFriends Are For"
PHI*con 2024 Promotion 
Easy as 1, 2, 3

Introduce PHI*con annual conference to your colleagues, friends, peers and receive a $25 rebate on YOUR PHI*con registration fee for every person you refer.  This incentive is a limited time offer from Monday, March 4 through April 15, 2024.  The process is simple!


Invite your contacts to register for the 2024 PHI*con Annual Conference-Detroit, MI- July 22-23

Have them pay their invoice for PHI*con and use the following code “PHI25” and save $25.

IMPORTANT: Have them fill out the following form via this link after they have registered or scan the following QR Code:



NACCHO will send you an email between April 16th-22nd with your specific your code for you to register, based on the amount of people you referred.  

You MUST register by April 30th to be eligible for this promotional offer.


Please visit the webpage for more details about this exciting offer! 


PHI*con In-Person Registration Type + Bundle Option

Early, No Extension
(12/15/2023 - 4/30/2024) 

(4/30/2024 - 6/15/2024) 
(6/16/2024 - 7/20/2024) 
(7/21/2024 - 7/26/2024)
PHI*con Only, 
(NACCHO Members)
 $395 $495 $595 $695
PHI*con Only, 
(Nonmembers & Exhibitors)
 $695 $795  $895 $995
PHI*con Add-On for NACCHO360 Attendees 
(NACCHO Members)
 $145  $145  $145 $145
PHI*con Add-On for 360 Attendees
(Nonmembers and Exhibitors)
 $445  $445 $445 $445



There is a limit of 6 referrals or a maximum of $150 on a member's 2024 PHI*con conference registration.  Discounts CANNOT be applied toward any other fees, charges, or transactions.  The discount will ONLY apply to the PHI*con conference registration fee per the fee schedule. This offer is for in person PHI*con only. This incentive is eligible for local health departments, non-profit organizations and students. Please ensure that the people you refer fill out the form for you to be eligible for the PHFriends promotion. If you have any questions about this promotional offer, please email, or check out the FAQ below.  


Q: Can I invite more than one PHfriends?

A:  Yes, the more the merrier. 

Q: Who should I invite to PHI*con?

A:  Invite your peers, colleagues, friends who specialize in Public Health Informatics, Surveillance, IT or have an interest in learning about these topics.

Q: How does my PHfriend sign up?

A: Send your friend the PHI*con registration link, Register - NACCHO 360 they will simply need to click the REGISTER YOURSELF box and fill out the registration information and pay their invoice. After they have registered, they will need to fill out the following link or scan the QR Code to complete form: 

Q: When do my PHfriend need to register to be eligible for the discounts?

A: Your PH-riends will need to register no later than April 15th 

Q: Can my PHfriend receive a discount for inviting people to the conference?

A: Yes, but this means that they will not be one of your referrals 

Q: Is the promotion for both the digital and in person PHI*con annual conference?

A: No, this promotion is only for IN PERSON conference

Q: When can I start sharing this offer with my PHfriends?

A: Immediately, we don’t want them to miss out on this amazing conference.

Q: Is there a deadline for this promotion?

A: Yes, the deadline is April 15, 2024.

Q: When can I register for the PHI*con annual conference?

A: You will need to register for the PHI*con annual conference after the contest ends and you receive your referral code, you must be registered by April 30th.

Q: What if I already signed up for PHI*con, am I still eligible for this promotion?

A: Unfortunately, if you already signed up for PHI*con before the start of this promotion you are not eligible to participate.