2019 Summit Presentations

2019 Vector Summit Presentations

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Day 1:

Addressing the Challenges of Emerging Vector-Borne Diseases in the United States
Messaging Strategies for Vector-Borne Diseases

Mapping and GIS

Integrated Mosquito Management

Regional Adult Mosquito Identification Demonstrations

Day 2:

Highlights from CDC’s Regional Centers of Excellence (CoE) in Vector-Borne Diseases

Roles and Responsibilities for Tick-related Activities

Emerging Technologies Showcase

  • Michael Muldoon, Clarke Mosquito Control
  • Liz Sarson, Vector Disease Control International
  • Sharon Sims, DEET Education Program

Preparedness and Collaboration for Vector-Borne Disease Outbreak Response

Regional Tick Identification Demonstrations

Day 3:

Building Sustainable Vector Control Programs

In the Know: Resources for Local Vector Control Programs

Insecticide Resistance

  • Janet McAllister, CDC
  • Kellie Nestrud, Vector Disease Control International

Mosquito Surveillance

Tick Surveillance

  • Joshua Smith, Fairfax County Health Department
  • Alison E. Simmons, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

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