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Breastfeeding Continuity of Care  

This Virtual Community welcomes NACCHO & CDC grantees working on breastfeeding community support continuity of care and the Breastfeeding-Friendly health centers. This is a space for sharing useful resources and upcoming related trainings, peer learning and Q &A from other communities working in similar projects and activities. We encourage you to be an active participant and take advantage of this space.
This is a invitation-only community. If you would like to add a team member, please contact

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Congressional Action Network (CAN)  

NACCHO’s Congressional Action Network (CAN) fosters the voice of local health departments in Washington.

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Model Aquatic Health Code Network  

The Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC) Network is a community for MAHC users, subject matter experts, and those hoping to learn about the code itself. Members will receive updates on the code, have access and provide input to newly developed resources, and join bi-monthly webinars featuring the code and users.

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Project Public Health Ready (PPHR) Applicants  

This community group is for any applicant currently applying for PPHR. Here you will find materials related to starting and completing your PPHR application.

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Public Health Ethics – Peer Learning Forum  

The Public Health Ethics – Peer Learning Forum serves as a resource available to public health practitioners who are interested in connecting with subject-matter experts with experience in the application of ethics to public health practice.

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Rural Health Section  

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