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Pandemic Influenza Resources to for COVID-19 Planning

Local Resources/NACCHO resources: San Francisco Department of Public Health: Infectious Disease Emergency Response plan Respiratory Aerosol Transmissible (RAT) Diseases annex NACCHO: Local Health Department Guide to Pandemic Influenza Planning : ...

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Downloadable FAQs for the Public Around COVID-19

A few local health departments have been utilizing the CDC's information to create Word documents and PDFs for the public. You can find some here, but feel free to upload your own. Also adding a link here to the CDC's official page: ...

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Improving Access to COVID-19 Screening Through Technology

Some counties are taking advantage of online tools to help provide testing and screening for patients who suspect they have contracted COVID-19. Please feel free to add to this list in the comments below. Free online assessments from Ro :

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COVID-19 Webpages Created by Local Health Departments

We've collected a series of webpages that have been created in response to the COVID-19 epidemic, in case other LHDs are currently creating their COVID-19 pages. Feel free to comment to add your websites below. California ( state page ) County of Los Angeles Public Health : http://www...

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Foodborne Disease Investigation Interview Tip Sheet

This foodborne illness investigation interview tip sheet includes keys for interview success, a list of possible issues that interviewers may encounter, and solutions to avoid these problems. #FoodSafetyToolkit #FoodSafety #EpidemiologyToolkit #InfectiousDisease #Informatics ...

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