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  • Posted in: NACCHO Toolbox

    Hello Toolbox community! FYI that today the CDC Foundation shared their new toolkit on " Technical Assistance for Response to Public  Health or Healthcare Crises, to assist state health departments in building capacity to combat the rapid increase of ...

  • Posted in: NACCHO Toolbox

    Hi Angie, I would also be interested in a collection of best practices/tips/lessons learned from NACCHO 360. We have a number of sites planning virtual site visits and would like to equip them with all pertinent resources. ------------------------------ ...

  • Posted in: NACCHO Toolbox

    It was great to have you involved in the conversation! Thank you for joining us for NA360 virtual. We hope you continue to learn and grow by staying involved with NACCHO after the conference and by taking advantage of our various resources and opportunities. ...

  • Posted in: NACCHO Toolbox

    I just want to say this has been a great week of learning, sharing,  and understanding.   Many of us wouldn't have had this opportunity if it was in person (even without COVID)...it was refreshing at times...and yet also challenging (in terms of our mindset ...

  • Posted in: NACCHO Toolbox

    Hello @Nicholas Hines , thanks so much for posting about your event in the Toolbox community! I know we personally touched base about this topic a few weeks ago, but it wanted to respond online to see if we could get any more responses. It would be helpful ...

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