Ms. Courtney Wetternach, MPH

Hennepin County Public Health

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Hennepin County Public Health


Courtney Wetternach, MPH has been in the emergency preparedness field since 2002. She has twelve years of experience and expertise in public health preparedness activities related to medical countermeasure dispensing, NIMS/ICS, mass fatality, disaster behavioral health, health and medical coordination, training, exercise, performance management, and quality improvement. She also has five years of experience as the Emergency Management Director for a large hospital and clinic system in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro area, where she worked with internal and external stakeholders, including EMS, law enforcement, and fire department partners. Currently, she is a Principal Planning Analyst for the Hennepin County Public Health Emergency Preparedness Unit. She has responded to multiple emergencies including the Minneapolis Bridge Collapse (2007), H1N1 pandemic influenza (2009), Republican National Convention (2009), Measles outbreak (2017), SuperBowl LVII (2018), Homeless Encampment (2018), hepatitis A prevention (2019) as well as many smaller incidents and events in both healthcare and public health.