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Illinois Public Health Association


Mr. Wade is currently Director of Prevention Services at Central Illinois FRIENDS (FRIENDS), Inc. in Peoria, Il.;  Program Coordinator with the Illinois Public Health Association (IPHA) - HIV Care Connect Program;  2011 – 2016: Member & parliamentarian of the Illinois HIV Planning Group (ILHPG); 2016-2017: ILHPG Co-Chair for the MSM Advisory Group;  2015:  Co-Chair of the Illinois Alliance for Sound AIDS Policy (ILASAP) - a statewide peer-led legislative advocacy program of AIDS Foundation of Chicago; 2018: IL Getting to Zero Steering Committee Co-Chair for Social Determinants of Health; Advisory Board Member for National Association of City-County Health Organizations for HIV, STI, and Viral Hepatitis Working Group.

“I do the work that I do as a passion; not only to ensure that the voice PLWHA’s does n’t get lost in the narrative but to educate my community, my peers and my family about the history of HIV/AIDS in America, particularly in communities of color. The history dictates the struggles and ultimate sacrifices of the soldiers who died so that those of us today have the quality of care and treatment that exists. But as you know, it wasn’t easy. As a black gay man living with HIV--- it has not been easy. Stigma. Discrimination. Fear of Disclosure. Ostracized by the community. Depression. Substance use. And that’s in the community. I experienced a lot discrimination and still do to this day. But I do this for me”.