We recognize the impacts that climate change has had on our environment and community health.
Together we continue to empower our fellow employees and members to take action and push for better climate solutions.



Guide for Health Professionals to Build Momentum on Climate Action

Find out how to build momentum on climate action with this Moving Forward Guide, which provides you with guidance and tools to reduce energy use, build resilient clinics, and advocate for climate solutions that prioritize health and equity. This guide is for health professionals at clinics, small healthcare practices, professional associations, and local health departments who want to lead on climate and sustainability.

Mental Health and Our Changing Climate Report

The American Psychological Association and ecoAmerica report chronicles the effects of climate change on children’s mental health, the structural inequities that lead to some populations bearing greater impacts, and solutions to support the mental health of children and youth on the individual and community level.

Let’s Talk Health & Climate: Communication Guidance for Health Professionals

The health and medical community is uniquely positioned to advance the message that climate solutions are a health priority and will provide enormous health benefits. At the same time, climate change is a complex and frequently political issue. This guide is meant to be a helpful step forward in closing that gap. This guide combines values, communications (how to talk), and messaging (specific talking points) in a single resource.

Climate Action Sheets: What to Know & What to Do

You can care for your health and our climate at the same time! Use these straightforward, free, two-page guides that tell you what you need to know and what you need to do about climate change in all aspects of your life. Download and share widely!
5 Steps to Effective Climate Communication
With Policymakers
In Your Workplace
In Your Community

About Climate for Health

NACCHO is a partner of Climate for Health by EcoAmerica. Climate for Health is a national network of health leaders committed to protecting the health and well-being of Americans in a changing climate. NACCHO and Climate for Health have collaborated to elevate NACCHO’s visible climate leadership and inspire and empower NACCHO’s employees and members to speak about, act on, and advocate for climate solutions. Employees and members are encouraged to take the ambassador training, download and use the resources, join the network of sharing and collaboration, and empowering others to care for climate change as part of caring for their own health. Sign up for Climate for Health’s Newsletter and follow on Twitter for additional resources and access to awards, events and other engagement opportunities.