Hi Folks,
    Here is the email Eli sent earlier but you can find all the Hill Day resources you need here:

    Suggested talking points for the meetings are here. This is a template for you to use to personalize with information from your community. The background handouts for the meetings are here: COVID Response | Public Health Loan Repayment

    1. This website is set up for you to engage in discussions with participants, see the bios for Members of Congress in your state, and upload your health department or SACCHO/board of health factsheet. Use your "my NACCHO" login to join Virtual Communities. Please let a member of the team know if you have trouble logging on.
    2. We are still scheduling meetings. If you see a blank time and date, that is because the meeting is not yet confirmed. You may receive a confirmation early next week.
    3.  Zoom rooms will be open 15 minutes prior to the start of each meeting for groups to gather and discuss strategy. If you have a meeting listed on your schedule for 10 am Monday, the Zoom room will be open at 9:45.
    4. Please report back about your meetings. NACCHO government affairs staff will be following up on any questions that come up in the meetings. One form should be filled out for each meeting.
    5. NACCHO staff will send handouts to the Members of Congress and staff as follow up from your meetings. You may wish to share your own factsheet or we can send it with the NACCHO information. We will send you a template thank you email to send to people you meet with after the meetings.
    6. After your last meeting, please evaluate the overall experience. We have never tried doing this virtually and we want to know how it went. Please give us feedback.