• July Meeting Action Items

    Action Items:

    • Mosquito Program Guidance Document: Click here to view the current outline of this deliverable. The sections in red font still need information added. Once we have a complete draft, I will send this document over to our communications specialist for preliminary formatting. Once formatted we can review the document to see where we may need to make edits/ add additional information. 
      • I will be reaching out in a separate email with more guidance on how we can start pushing this document forward. 
    • AMCA Abstract Submission: If you are interested in submitting a joint abstract AMCA Annual 2021 please email by Friday, August 21, 2020. The submission deadline is October 1, 2020.
    • Shared Presentation Sign-up Sheet: I encourage you all to consider signing up to present at one of our upcoming meetings. You can sign-up by simply adding your name in a slot under the meeting during which you would like to present. Click here to view the sign-up sheet.
    • NACCHO Virtual Communities: I will be uploading all of our notes, agendas, resources to our Vector Control Virtual Community. Please take some time to visit our virtual community page. I am hoping that centralizing information on this platform will make accessing workgroup materials easier.  

    Additional Information:

    • EPA announced the registration of the CDC-discovered and CDC-developed compound nootkatone for manufacturing use into insecticides and repellents. Registration of a manufacturing use product paves the way for manufacturers to develop nootkatone-based products for consumers to buy. This was a collaborative effort and CDC, Evolva (CDC licensed partner), and HHS BARDA played critical roles in the discovery, applied research, and EPA registration of this compound.
    • NACCHO has recently created a Climate Change Community of Practice for folks who are interested and/or work in the realm of climate change and health. It is open to both members and non-members. NACCHO's new Climate Change Community of Practice provides a space for individuals who are interested in and/or work with climate change resilience and mitigation. This virtual community can be used to share information, best practices, and resources relevant to climate change, and allow for participants to virtually network with others who work in this area of public health! If you would like to join follow this link and click on the join community button at the top.