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Accessible Parking

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) issued new regulations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in 2010. The new rules affect state and local governments (Title II of the ADA), as well as public accommodations and commercial facilities (Title III). The regulations include the new...

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New Medical Countermeasure Coordinator Start-Up Guide

This document contains a listing of steps and resources to build new medical countermeasure (MCM) coordinator competency. This document was developed by the NACCHO MCM Workgroup which is comprised of MCM subject matter experts from local health departments. The Medical Countermeasures (MCM)...

New MCM Coordinator Start Up Guide - NACCHO - June 2018.pdf

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Extended Medical Countermeasure Distribution and Dispensing Considerations for Anthrax Incidents

This document outlines key topics, relevant resources, and current promising practices state and local MCM planners should consider when creating and implementing plans to transition emergency mass dispensing operations from the initial 10-day antibiotic distribution and dispensing effort to...

ASTHO NACCHO Extended MCM Distribution and Dispensing Considerations 2 (1).pdf

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Disability Training for Emergency Planners: Serving People with Disabilities

The Ohio Disability and Health Program developed this one-hour training for first responders and emergency planners on inclusive disaster planning for people with disabilities. The training provides information and best practices to ensure the safety of people with disabilities during emergency...

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Disability Training for First Responders: Serving People with Disabilities

The Ohio Disability and Health Program developed this one-hour training for first responders on working with people with disabilities. This training is designed for law enforcement, firefighters, nurses, and EMTs/paramedics, and covers the following learning objectives: identify barriers that...

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Community Inclusion Exercise Resources

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment developed community inclusion exercises resources as part their recent Public Health Emergency Dispensing Exercise (PHED Ex). These resources can assist exercise planners with the design, conduct, and evaluation of their full-scale...

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Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) Plan Example

This Strategic National Stockpile Plan from the Southeastern District Health Department is a 2014 update to an exemplary practice from the agency's 2004 Project Public Health Ready application. This plan was also identified as a top tier tool for CDC public health preparedness capability...

Annex G SNS with all appendices for NACCHO posting (1) (1).doc

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Template Script and Patient Consent Form for Containment Response

The Florida Department of Health in Orange County launched an MDRO containment response to prevent the spread of unusual resistance. Point-prevalence surveys were a vital piece of this response effort and high specimen collection rates were important to establish the incidence in a facility and...

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How to Create a Partnership Between Your Public Health Agency and Area Hospitals (PDF)

Developed by the Montgomery County Advanced Practice Center, this two-page, step-by-step tip sheet outlines how to create partnerships with community hospitals around the issue of emergency preparedness. The tipsheet also summarizes some of the benefits of a hospital-public health partnership...


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Biohazard Detection System / BDS Powerpoint Presentation

This presentation was given by Theresa Crocker, Bioterrorism Coordinator in Marion County, Oregon, on a NACCHO webcast held in July 2005. It addresses the United States Postal Service biohazard detection system (BDS)and the response options for local public health departments in the areas where...

BDS NACCHO Webcast.ppt