• Webinar: 2022 Best Practices Webinar Part 2: School & Workplace Safety

    TODAY, Tuesday, December 13, from 3-4 PM EST
    This year’s two-part Model Practice Webinar series will finish with the topic of School & Workplace Safety. Continuing the crucial conversation around how we can ensure the safety of all individuals in both our schools as well as in the workplace. As we transition from our work from home offices, it is important to have conversations on how we can continue to protect ourselves and look out for our children and peers, making the reality of having our shared spaces feel safe for all people.
    Each presenter will discuss their award-winning Model & Innovative Practice from their Local Health Department, sharing the lessons and experiences they gained throughout the process of beginning each of their community health initiatives.

    • Fairfax County Health Department: Leveraging Community Health Workers to Improve COVID-19 Isolation/Quarantine Protocol Adherence
    • Lake County Health Department: Impact of Test to Stay on Transmission of SARS-CoV2 in K-12 Schools, Lake County, Illinois 
    • Los Angeles County Health Department: Public Health Councils Program to Reduce COVID-19 Transmission in Workplaces